About Southcreek Park

Southcreek Park Owners

Owners: Harold H. Mullis, J. Pat Williams (1929-2010), and Ted W. Hahn (1930-2007)

Southcreek Properties was formed in 1974 by Harold H. Mullis, J. Pat Williams (deceased) and Ted W. Hahn (deceased). Over the last thirty-four years Southcreek Properties has developed many commercial office buildings, multi-family housing projects and subdivisions. Some of these projects include: Southcreek Park, St. Joseph Office Park Buildings A, B, C, and the parking structure, The Meyers Building, Eastridge Apartments, Rosetown Apartments, Patchen Oaks Apartments, Versailles Center, South Hill Subdivision (Versailles), Southbrook Subdivision (Nicholasville), Silverlake Subdivision (Frankfort), and Westhampton Corners.

Over the last few years, Southcreek Properties has downsized and now focuses on its premier property, Southcreek Park. Southcreek takes great pride in this complex that bears its name. Cutting corners is not a word in this company’s vocabulary. Southcreek offers its tenants a comfortable working atmosphere through well-planned, well-appointed work spaces inside, tastefully coordinated with landscaping and a great neighborhood outside.

Southcreek Properties offers the finest in office accommodations at a better-than-fair market price for its tenants. We take great pride in the fact that once a tenant moves into one of our buildings, they rarely leave!